Loading the POSCOM.OCX Active-X Component

If they are using IE8 or IE9, make sure that Protected Mode is turned
OFF. (Internet Options -> Security Tab -> Enable Protected Mode checkbox
UNCHECKED). This requires restarting IE to take effect. When you restart
it a dialog box will pop up letting you know Protected Mode is off. I always
select "Dont ask me anymore" so the customer doesn't turn it back on by
accident. This is also the step to take if people are having problems
setting their computer as a permanent register.
Also go to the Safety menu and be sure Filter Active-X is not checked.

This step does not apply to
XP users or people using IE7 or lower.

1) Copy poscom.zip (right click here and save link as) to the customer's computer at C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files and unzip poscom.ocx
2) Open a command prompt (For Vista or Windows 7 you have to run the command prompt as administrator or you'll get an error.)
3) Navigate to C:\Windows\Downloaded Program Files
4) Type this: regsvr32 poscom.ocx
5) You should get a message that the DLL registered successfully.
6) Restart IE and when you try to login to Cashier Live you should now get a popup asking to allow POSCOM.OCX to run
(or it might run automatically depending on their security settings.) Either way the message about requiring the OCX should be gone.

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