iPhone, iPod & Android Inventory App for Retailers

"Cashier Live has automated and streamlined my business so I can connect better with my customers. Something that would have taken me hours to do now only takes a click of a button."

Randee Lee

Owner – Guitar Toyz


Scan Barcodes

Use the camera or Linea-Pro device to scan your product's barcodes. This makes it easy to ring up sales & manage inventory.

Enter quantity

This is where the rubber meets the road. Counting your inventory used to be a time consuming, manual process. Or, maybe you bought a dedicated device for over a thousand dollars. With Retail Inventory, just scan and enter the quantity.

Sync with point-of-sale

When you register your Retail Inventory account, a Cashier Live free pos software trial account is created for you automatically. As you scan your inventory, data is synced directly with your inventory inside of the Cashier Live system.

Export inventory

Don't use Cashier Live? You can also send your inventory file via email which can then be imported into your POS system of choice. All of the data you need is included in the file, and you can easily bring it into any system.