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Integrate with pharmacy management systems, accept chip & FSA cards, send purchase orders electronically, and more with our modern point-of-sale built just for independent pharmacies.

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Integrated with your pharmacy management system

Make your checkout process more efficient by integrating your point-of-sale and your pharmacy management system. This starts with transferring information like prescription # and price to the point-of-sale when you scan the barcode on the prescription label, so that the correct amount for patient responsibility is rung up. And with our seamless integration, all signatures required will be collected and sent back to your pharmacy management system and the prescriptions will be marked as picked up. We can even handle accounts receivable. We seamlessly integrate with SpeedScript, HBS, Carepoint, RNA, and interface with many others like QS1 and RX30.


Certified to accept all FSA and Chip cards

Are you having trouble accepting FSA/HSA cards and chip cards? New rules and regulations are impacting how you can accept a variety of these cards. Recently, more and more benefit program administrators are requiring independent pharmacies to have an inventory information approval system (IIAS) in place otherwise they will decline the transaction. And many technology providers are behind on implementing an EMV solution to accept chip cards. Cashier Live is a SIGIS certified system to accept FSA cards, and has been fully certified to accept chip cards.


Send purchase orders to your wholesaler with one click

Having the right products on your shelves at the right price is crucial for successful front-end sales in your pharmacy. We’ve integrated with every major wholesaler (and many regional and specialty ones too) in order to import your products and pricing. Then we help you stay up to date with pricing changes for the products you stock. And our flexible purchase ordering system helps you determine what items need to be re-ordered, and then we can send the purchase order electronically via EDI directly into the wholesaler’s ordering system.


Get all the signatures you need on one device

Sometimes your customer needs to sign multiple times when checking out - for payment, to acknowledge receiving their prescriptions, and more. Many pharmacy technology providers don’t simplify this process and require a separate signature capture device for the POS and for the pharmacy management system. Cashier Live’s PayPoint device is integrated with many pharmacy management systems to collect all signatures on one device.

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All that and mobile, MethCheck, and included support too

iPhone & iPad App for delivery

Our Cashier app is available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad. This is a perfect solution for deliveries - accept payments and collect signatures from your mobile device. And everything syncs together.

Appriss MethCheck integration

Abuse and illicit purchases of pseudoephedrine is an issue throughout the country, and many states require the use of a system like MethCheck to prevent such purchases. Cashier Live integrates with MethCheck.

Support included in subscription

As part of your subscription to Cashier Live, you’ll have access to our support team whenever you need them. We can give you a hand with any questions or issues that arrise. No extra fees.

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